Who should use LetsChat.chat?
LetsChat.chat, is aimed for salespeople that want to provide a short form communication method for their prospects to communicate with in addition to email and phone. It does not replace email or phone, but provides an option that maybe easier for the prospect.
How does it work?
The salesperson can add the “Lets Chat” image to their email signature. When a prospect clicks on the link to chat, it starts a chat session.
Can only the prospect start a chat session?
Yes, that’s the power of the solution, the prospect is more likely to communicate in a method where they are in control. They do not want to be overwhelmed with Salespeople messaging them.
Is my conversation private?
Yes, we use end to end encryption to ensure your communication is private.
How do I get started?
Connect with Linkedin, you will be taken to the Settings page, where you can verify your phone number. Add a message to let your prospect know you’ve been alerted they want to chat. Add an “Away” message if you are not available. Then copy the image into your email signature.
What happens next?
If a prospect initiates the Chat, you will receive a notification on your phone with a link that will allow you to chat with your prospect.
CRM integration
We tightly integrate into Salesforce. We do not store any information in LetsChat, it's all stored in Salesforce.